Affordability is always important. You can find a full range of salons that have full range of pricing options. It is lovely when you do not have to worry about budgets and you can simply say have at it but most people are not quite in that situation.

You can price shop because you have so many salons to choose from until you find the salon that matches your budget! A lot of area salons offer special discounts and price breaks during different seasons so call and check around to see if there are any deals that are available before you make your choice.

Fifteen Hundred and Counting

Salons in Cardiff are plentiful. There are over one thousand five hundred salons in Cardiff to choose from! You can count on finding a salon that you can afford, that specialises in the treatment you are looking for and that is nearby!



Cardiff is the capital of Wales so it is a fairly sizeable city. The closer to the centre of the city you get the more businesses you will find. Sometimes you can find a true gem on the outskirts of the city.

Cardiff offers so many great salons to choose from you may be surprised to find that some of the most outstanding ones are located near the edge of the city. Salons that are located a little off the beaten path typically are less expensive than salons that are easy access in the centre of the city.

It really comes down to personal preference. All you need to do is really ask yourself how willing are you to travel around? Maybe time is of the essence and you do not have time to go the extra few miles perhaps convenience is the most important aspect in your choosing a salon.

Cardiff offers salons both in the city proper and right outside the outskirts of the city.

Finding the Right Salon

There are plenty of salons that are available in Cardiff but not every salon provides every type of service. Finding the right salon to meet your needs is easy if you know how to find the right place! One of the best ways to find what you want is by word of mouth.

Asking friends, family and neighbours can point you in the right direction and help you find the salon that offers the services that you want. Some salons specialise in hair colour while some specialise in hair extensions while others specialise in both!

Reading reviews of the salons can also help you to determine which salons are geared toward helping you get the look you want. People are always willing to talk about their experience at the hair dressers whether it was good or bad.

Getting opinions from other users about the salon services and how well they were treated while at the salon can be a useful tool in making your decision. Typically a salons reputation is well earned!

Salons in Cardiff

Being the capital city of Wales means that Cardiff has all the shops you need. Salons in Cardiff are available to suit a host of style tastes. Most salons are unisex and they feel unisex so that the gentlemen do not have to feel odd or uncomfortable when they step in to get a hair style or treatment.

There are services available that you would find in any big city available in Cardiff. You can easily find one of the great salons that offers any treatment or style that you are interested in with just a little effort. There is nothing better than having options!